Friday, 29 January 2016



Earth is overruled by zombies, there's not much survivors. You are left alone, and everything you got is your car. Your car can be modified and you can make of it a killing machine for zombies. Drive through desert and kill many as possible zombies you can, then after you ran of fuel. Hide and upgrade your car to become stronger and faster. When you finish survival mode, you will be able to play championship and Halloween mode. Have fun. 


Earn to die 2 is a shooting and fighting game where you have one ultimate goal - to kill all zombies. Each player starts with zero cash. You drive a truck through zombies. Don't slow down or zombie gonna get you. You have to pass the desert to reach the base. This game is not about driving and saving yourself only, its about crashing as much zombies as you can! To smash a zombie you'll need better vehicle as you passed levels because they will be harder and harder. 

There are also some new features in this game improved comparing to the previous version: 

There are more levels that produces larger picture while driving a vehicle. There are eight new vehicles in the garage and it can be bough as level passes by. There are all different types of vehicles like fire truck, race car, bus etc. Now you have been able to not just unlock some vehicle but to upgrade customized parts of it. There are larger number of different zombies. The animation effects are better! Game Center feature can help new players to introduce with a game. The game is free to use and there are not addition costs for buying some additional parts or vehicles.
Comparing to the Earn to die first version, this version has more excitement and upgrades (of a vehicle) that makes the game more enjoying.


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