Thursday, 31 March 2016

Pool Table Reviews: Hathaway SharpShooter Pool Table Blue 40 inch

Pool Table Reviews: Hathaway SharpShooter Pool Table Blue 40 inch

You are a great fan of pool, but for some reason you cannot get a full-size table to use at home. In this case, you can try a mini variant. You simply need to pick a mini table which will give you genuine experience while being durable and easy to set up and to use. Does the Hathaway SharpShooter Pool Table Blue 40-inchmeet these and other important requirements? My review will help you find out.
In this Hathaway Sharp Shooter pool table review, I will make an assessment of all features and capabilities of the small pool table. You can rely on my objectivity and on my experience and expertise as a long-term pool player. I will answer the most important question which buyers have and namely who this tabletop pool table is suitable for. I will create a list of the pros and cons of the table so that you can compare it with others. Now I will present the product in detail to you.

Product Description

Hathaway Sharp Shooter is a tabletop pool table. It has short L-shaped legs with pads. It is set up on a table and in rare cases on the floor. It weighs 24 pounds. The table’s play surface measures 37 by 18 inches. It is covered with blue felt. The table has an MDF bed which is 1.25 inches thick and which is CARB certified. There is a set of accessories included in the package. These accessories are 2 36-inch cue sticks, a complete set of 1.25-inch billiard balls, a triangle, 2 pieces of chalk and a cleaning brush.


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