Thursday, 31 March 2016

Billiard Accessories Reviews: Trademark 40-AK13 32-Piece Billiard Accessory Kit

In order to play pool billiards at home, you will need a pool table and essential billiard accessories including cue sticks, balls and chalk, to name the main ones. It is possible to get each item separately, but it is much more affordable and much easier to purchase a kit. There are various kits available in the market so you will certainly benefit from product reviews in order to pick the best one. Consider my review of the Trademark 40-AK13 32-piece billiard accessory kit.
I am sure that my review will help you make the right decision as a buyer. I can guarantee that it will be detailed and perfectly objective. I will go over each item in the set and evaluate it. I will explain who the kit is suitable for. I will produce a comprehensive list of its benefits and drawbacks as well. I will start with describing the kit.

Product Description of the Trademark 40-AK13

The 32-piece billiard accessories kit contains 16 Pro Series Royal Crown billiard balls measuring 2.25-inches in diameter. It features 4 cue sticks measuring 57.5 inches and one bridge stick. It has 1 nine-ball diamond rack and a standard triangle rack. You will get a box of blue chalk and 2 rubber chalk holders. The kit includes a clear cover for an 8-foot table. There is an under-rail brush and a table brush. There is a tip repair kit as well. The set comes with a two-piece roman rack for 6 cues. You will also get tally balls with a plastic tally bottle.

The Billiard Accessories Kit Items

The Pro Series Royal Crown balls in the billiard accessories kit are made in line with all standards. They are solid and have perfect rebound. Each ball has diameter of 2.25 inches. This means that they meet the World Pool-Billiard Association’s standard perfectly. You can expect excellent game play every time with these top quality balls.
The four cue sticks in the set are made from high quality materials. They are lightweight and durable. They have well constructed tip and a holding section with excellent grip. The length of each cue is 57.5 inches. This length is in line with the standards for recreational pool billiards. Just keep in mind that these are the longest recreational cues that you can get and they require more space around a table of any size in order to be used effectively and comfortably.
The bridge stick is made from light yet very strong and highly durable wood. It has a metal tip which is perfectly resistant to impact. The tip will not scratch or bend even after extensive use. The tip’s rubber feet ensure that it will be perfectly stable on any play surface no matter whether the cloth is made from wool blend or nylon.
The billiard accessories kit includes two racks. The triangle rack allows you to keep all balls together. The diamond rack is for the popular nine-ball game. I like the versatility and convenience that you can enjoy with this kit.
You will get a good supply of high-quality rubber chalk with this kit. You can be certain that you will not run out of it for years to come. The chalk holders are great accessories to have. They help you keep your hands and the surrounding surfaces much cleaner.


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