Thursday, 31 March 2016

Pros of the Hathaway Sharp Shooter Pool Table

Pros of the Hathaway Sharp Shooter Pool Table

The good things about the Hathaway Sharp Shooter pool table are:
  • Great design – The table top pool table has all the features which you require for having fun while playing pool. It looks great as well.
  • Fully equipped for use – You will get all the accessories which you need to start playing right away. It is super practical for them to be included in the package. It is cost-efficient as well.
  • Entertaining and competitive play – This small pool table will really give you that satisfaction which you are looking for no matter whether you are a casual or competitive player.
  • Good portability – Two adults and even two teens can move the portable pool table with ease.
  • Durability – You can expect to use this piece of pool equipment for years to come. It should not incur any serious damage.
  • 90-day limited warranty – This is not the longest or most comprehensive guarantee, but it is still quite good.


The not so good things about this mini table are:
  • Leg assembly is required – This is not really a drawback, but it can be challenging for people who are not handy like me. Still, you get a full set of instructions and the necessary tools.
  • The triangle does not have very good design – You will not get perfectly tight rack. Still, this is not a major issue for casual players.


The verdict of this review is that the Hathaway SharpShooter pool table, blue, 40-inch is a very good choice for any casual player and his/her family. You will get strong construction and all necessary accessories. You can expect superb performance even in the long term. You should definitely consider buying this pool table


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