Thursday, 31 March 2016

Cool features of Fat Cat 7-Foot Black Pockey Combination Table

  • As the name suggests, it permits you to play air hockey and billiards at the same table
  • The table’s measurements are as follows: 80 inches in length, 44 inches in width and is 32 inches high
  • A big plus for the Fat Cat combination table is the fact that it includes leg levelers, which permit you to adjust the height according to the game and the physical characteristics of the playersFat Cat Billiard Table
  • The table is quite sturdy because it benefits from an exclusive latch system that guarantees no tipping or wiggles
  • It weighs around 271 pounds
  • The playing surface for billiards is of 70 inches on the long side and 34 inches on the short side
  • The pockey table comes with a full set of accessories for billiards that includes rubber bumpers, drop pockets, hooks for cue storage and a piece of Tetolon cloth
  • The playing surface for air hockey is slightly bigger, measuring 74 inches long and 38 inches wide
  • The air hockey playing surface is designed to replicate this sport’s rink (identical match of the colors, lines and overall design)
  • The air hockey side of the table benefits from a high output blower so that the puck is kept in motion
  • The accessories this pockey combination table comes with include: 2 pieces of chalk, a billiard brush, 2 billiard cues (in the standard 57 inches size), a plastic triangle and one set of billiard balls (2/14 inches), 4 pucks and 4 pushers and a storage rack where you can place them all on it


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